How the NFL Can Benefit From Football Stadium Partitions

football stadium partitions

Football season is off to a bumpy start due to the coronavirus. Connect Partitions wants to be a reason to make the season a little less harsh.  Our football stadium partitions are one reason fans and employees can enjoy the season again with less worry of contracting airborne germs.

Nonporous Barriers Offer Complete Protection

NFL football games are taking a major hit this autumn. So far, players are quick to test positive for the coronavirus, many games have been postponed, and the early season is starting to make the rest of the season look grim. Our stadium partitions are made from high-grade plexiglass and stand tall at around six feet tall. The dimensions of our products make it a breeze to easily separate groups of people from one another. We know the importance of keeping everyone safe, including players, coaches, fans, and workers; that’s why we optimized our partitions to easily fit into any atmosphere, including NFL stadiums. 

Highest Quality Material for Rowdy Crowds

Football season means die-hard fans. Our stadium partitions, although lightweight and transparent, come standard with commercial grade plexiglass. They come standard with a steel frame, making them able to withstand the rowdiest of crowds.  Actual attendance will be significantly lower in order to meet state guidelines, though.

Connect Partitions was proud to partner with the Miami Dolphins to keep friends and family protected.  We want their football season to continue without hesitation. With one of the highest quality, most customizable and durable stadium partitions on the market, the Miami Dolphins will have another great season with the addition of our high quality protective barriers installed throughout the whole stadium. 

Football Stadium Partitions that are Easy to Move & Mobile-Friendly

Our stadium partitions are able to maneuver easily.  Place them between and even around an endless amount of surfaces in a stadium. We want to assure friends and family that there are no limitations when it comes to our stadium plexiglass partitions or even inside an NFL stadium. The Miami Dolphins partnered with us to make sure our stadium partitions were the best product on the market to help combat germs. This makes reopening to the public a huge success for not only the Dolphins, but their football-hungry fans.

Our stadium partitions are also lightweight, easy to move around, and can be connected with another to extend your partitioned area. This is how we make social distancing easy for the largest of crowds a Dolphins game can expect.  Give friends and family peace of mind, while also adhering to the stadium’s rules and regulations.


Although most stadiums are not allowing fans to watch live games, there are a select few that are allowing fans under strict protocol. Please check your state guidelines to ensure you are following the correct protocol.

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