Miami Dolphins Equip the Hard Rock Stadium with Plexiglass Partitions

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Connect Partitions continues to partner with businesses across the nation. We are proud to announce that our stadium partitions are the newest addition to Hard Rock Stadium. 

Although their season started  late due to the pandemic, a series of measures and precautions have been called into place to ensure the safety of all. Our stadium partitions are set up throughout Hard Rock Stadium to decrease the amount of germs and combat the coronavirus. 

Customizable Stadium Partitions

Our partitions are not only lightweight, mobile, and durable, but they are also customizable.  Fans can even purchase our products and customize them with logos, brand names, and just about anything else they can think of. 

Whether it’s opening game day for the Dolphins, or a local sporting event for a Florida college team, our stylish, yet effective custom plexiglass partitions are the perfect safety precaution for fans, too. Learn how you can customize your products to fit the look you’re trying to achieve.

Support The Dolphins with Our Stadium Partitions

Since our plexiglass partitions are so customizable, fans can now support the Dolphins even more.  When you request a quote, make sure you make a note of which team you want to brand onto your partitions. Although our patterns might be a big hit for our custom partitions, we highly suggest promoting your team spirit for the Miami Dolphins!

Easy to Move & Mobile-Friendly

The installation of our stadium partitions could not get any easier. Easily place them around an endless amount of surfaces. We want to assure friends and family that there are no limitations when it comes to our stadium partitions. The Miami Dolphins partnered with us to make sure our stadium partitions were the best product on the market to help combat germs. Reopening to the public is a huge success for both the Dolphins and their crazy fans.

Our stadium partitions are also lightweight, easy to move around tight spaces, and can be connected with another to extend the setup. This is how we make social distancing easy for the largest of crowds a Dolphins game can expect.  Give friends and family peace of mind, while also adhering to the stadium’s rules and regulations.

Highest Quality Material for Rowdy Crowds

Football season means die-hard fans. Our stadium partitions, although lightweight and transparent, are commercial grade plexiglass. They come standard with a steel frame, making them able to withstand the rowdiest of crowds. Actual attendance will be significantly reduced in order to meet state guidelines. 

Connect Partitions is proud to partner with the Miami Dolphins. Not only are we keeping guests safe, but making sure the season continues without anymore hesitation. With one of the the highest quality and durable stadium partitions on the market, the Miami Dolphins will have another great season. The addition of our protective barriers makes all the difference. 

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We want you to learn more about how businesses can flourish again with our partitions. Check out our Ultimate Guide To Our Custom Plexiglass Partitions E-Book!

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