Imagine Your Stadium with Plexiglass Barriers for Added Protection

plexiglass barriers for stadiums

Football season is in full effect. With playoffs right around the corner, we want stadiums to be protected at all costs. For all paying patrons, staff, and players. We know that stadiums aren’t allowing fans in at all in most arenas, but there are a select few that have limited amounts of fans at live games. That’s why we want our plexiglass barriers at your stadium now.  Connect Partitions strives to make our products one of a kind, so that stadiums all over the nation can enjoy football entertainment without worry.

Highly Customizable To Make Fans Feel At Home

The number one thing when it comes to football season, or any sport for that matter, is team pride. Fortunately, Connect Partitions makes our plexiglass barriers brandable and customizable. Show off your team’s spirit at your next home game with our durable plexiglass barriers for stadiums.

We want your fans to feel welcomed again by the energy that a football stadium should have on game day. We know that’s not really completely possible with the current pandemic, but we want to try and make it feel like last year’s season without a doubt. When you go to request a quote, make sure to let us know which team or logo you want to have engraved on our plexiglass barriers for stadiums. Although we offer pre-designed partitions, it’s probably a good idea to have them custom made for your football stadium. We know what team spirit looks like. So continue it, even with PPE everywhere. 

Very Versatile Plexiglass Barriers

Our stadium partitions can be easily placed between and even around an endless amount of surfaces. We want to assure you and your friends and family that there are no limitations when it comes to our plexiglass barriers for stadiums.

Our plexiglass barriers are also custom built, lightweight, easy to use and move around a tight or spacious area. Easily connect with one another to extend your partitions dividing walls depending on your area’s setup. This is how we make social distancing easy for small and large crowds.

They are also so easy to wheel around and lightweight enough to pick up that it makes sporting events that may be under new strict guidelines a breeze. Give your friends and family peace of mind, while also adhering to your stadium’s rules and regulations.

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Open your stadium to the public with confidence and safety. Read more about our Ultimate Guide To Our Custom Plexiglass Partitions now.

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