Maximize Outdoor Restaurant Seating With Exterior Partition Walls

exterior partition walls

Although Connect Partitions specializes in a line of products made for the interior of restaurants, our recently designed exterior partition walls with drink rails were intended for restaurants’ outdoor patio areas.

Exterior Partition Walls for Different Outdoor Seating Options

Although a lot of states have seasonal seating, there are a few states where outdoor dining is available year round. That’s why we’ve created products to increase your outdoor table count.  The pandemic could be forecasted far into the future, so we understand how important outdoor seating is to the restaurant world. The nation is pushing outdoor dining to be available for customers rather than indoor dining. This is why our products can withstand the outdoor elements.

Our exterior partition walls with drink rails are a great way to continue to adhere to social distancing in an efficient, adaptable way. This gives customers peace of mind with a design-forward, sophisticated look.  By amplifying outdoor seating for Massachusetts restaurants, it’s an easy way to bring in more customers to an even safer environment. Learn more about our outdoor partitions walls in our recent blog post, How Drink Rails Can Spruce Up Your Outdoor Area.

Use of All Our Products Outdoors

Our other products, such as our bar top and table partitions, can also be used in an outdoor environment. They are a high grade plexiglass and their frames are a powdered steel. This is so they can endure hard outdoor temperatures and daily wear and tear. 

Some restaurants have outdoor bar areas. Our bar top partitions would be the perfect additional to those designated seating areas. Here, in Massachusetts, bars in restaurants are not allowing people to come and go. This is to reduce the risk of spreading germs more constantly. Rather, bars can be used to seat customers eating in their restaurant as long as they’re adhering to the six feet rule and have protective barriers in place. This makes our bar and countertop partitions such a benefit for restaurants with bar seating. Depending on where a restaurant is located guidelines may be slightly different for indoor and outdoor seating arrangements.  Our products definitely help increase the amount of daily customers as well as reduce the spread of germs.

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