Office Partitions – How to Get Your Employees Back To Work Safely

office partitions

Connect Partitions works with many types of businesses across the nation. From restaurants to office parks, we know what products will fit best in each space. As the nation is rapidly lifting safety measures and reopening up, employees are going back to work in person in many industries. This is why our office partitions will make the perfect safety addition in your work environment when returning to work.

Easy to Install

Our office partitions come standard with a metal frame and built-in wheels on the base to make them highly mobile. Since they are so accessible and easy to move, you can set up your office to meet the pandemic’s guidelines within minutes. We know going back to work in your old environment is a big change from working in the home office. So Connect Partitions makes it easy to return to a whole new environment safely with our office partitions. 

We also create partitions that are easy to install in different departments. We produce office partitions for desk areas, kitchens and countertops, and much more. Although most of our products are optimized for the restaurant space, they can easily be utilized in offices, as well. 

Our desk and chair partitions fit easily around such items and adhere to social distancing regulations that may be in place in your state. Connect Partitions makes returning work easy to adapt to again after months of working from home. Our office products offer a sense of privacy that you won’t get otherwise, along with safety and protection.

Add Personalizations 

Going back to work full-time or even part-time in the office can be stressful. This is why we create the option to customize your office partitions! We offer a variety of different patterns to make the partitions a lighter subject in the office. We don’t want your employees to be stressed out and worrying about the spread of germs, especially when they aren’t sure where people have been outside of work.  If a professional pattern isn’t your ideal personalization touch, we also offer custom branding and logo designs. This will help give your restaurant the look you’ve been searching for with your office partitions. The multiple ways you can customize your office partitions allow you to achieve effectiveness and awareness of social distancing while also bringing on a look that’s less obtrusive and more inviting. Your next step is requesting a quote so we can get your office coronavirus-ready!

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