Plexiglass Partitions – What You Can Expect Your Stadium To Look Like

stadium partitions

Football season is still in full effect. As the regular season is starting to dwindle down to those few top teams, playoff season is right around the corner. How exciting! If your stadium is one of the few in the nation that is reopening to the public, learn how our plexiglass partitions can help slow the spread of the coronavirus. 

Modern Designs For Your Fans

Our plexiglass partitions for stadiums are one of a kind. At Connect Partitions, we know what is expected from us from the NFL. We’ve partnered with stadiums and arenas across the nation, but one of our firsts was the Miami Dolphins and the Hard Rock Stadium in Florida. As they reopened to their fans, they reached out to us to have custom plexiglass partitions designed for their entire stadium. From front desk and reception areas, to foot courts and gift stores, our partitions were stationed throughout the Hard Rock Stadium. They know what safety means to their fans and employees. That’s why they came to us at such a crucial time. 

In addition to keeping fans safe, our partitions are highly customizable and brandable. You can have your logo or NFL team etched on to our plexiglass partitions for stadiums. It’s the perfect addition for safety while adding some new flare across the stadium.

Modern Problems Call for Modern Solutions with Plexiglass Partitions

We like to think of our plexiglass partitions for stadiums as a modern solution for a modern problem. Although pandemics are rare, they are still possible. We’ve all witnessed it hands on and unfortunately, many of us know the harsh impact of it. Stadiums, especially, have lost out on millions in profit due to limiting the number of fans at live games.

Partitions may not be necessary far into the future, but definitely expect them to be around for the next year. We know partitions aren’t the first thing you want fans to see in your stadium. But with our modern designs and custom branding options, you might want them to be a part of your stadium’s atmosphere permanently. 

Not only are they for hygiene purposes, but they can add another layer of design to the interior or exterior of your stadium. Connect Partitions is one of the only plexiglass barrier companies on the market that specialize in highly durable, yet sleek and modern plexiglass partitions for stadiums.

stadium partitions

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