Reopen & Combat Germs with Plexiglass Partitions

Reopening your business can seem like a headache. With all the safety precautions put in place by your state, depending where you are located, the guidelines can seem extensive. Connect Partitions took these safety precautions and guidelines into perspective when we created our line of products for businesses to safely reopen – our plexiglass partitions.

Stop The Spread Of Germs with Plexiglass Partitions

Our partitions are the perfect new addition for your business. They aren’t some heavy, drab piece of plastic you’d find elsewhere to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Our partitions are lightweight, yet high grade acrylic that stops the spread of germs on contact. 

Our business partitions are more than just a plexiglass material.  They are custom built from furniture designers using a high grade acrylic material that is almost unbreakable (ask our customers). Since they are also transparent, they are easy to clean. This helps staff see where any spots may be on them. This can leave you and your employees at ease, knowing that they are in a sanitized place with one of the highest quality partitions on the market.

Connect Partitions also coats all our business partitions in an AR MR coating. AR coating is an anti-reflection coating, while MR coating is a flash mirror coating. Both these coats improve durability against sun damage and prevent scratching as a result of being cleaned and sanitized with harsh cleaning supplies and chemicals, such as bleach. The metal frame that’s standard on all our plexiglass partitions is made of powder coated steel, which will not rust and is also very easy to clean with any type of soft or harsh cleaning products or disinfectant.

Although our products stay clean for extended periods of time, we highly suggest creating a cleaning schedule around our products once you purchase them. This can decrease any chances of spreading germs that may have stuck to the surface at some point.

Different Product Lines for Different Businesses

Our products are highly customizable and come in all different shapes and sizes. Connect Partitions gives you the option to choose your style. We offer exterior partitions walls, booth and table partitions and even bar top partitions.  The possibilities are endless for your business. 

We want businesses of all types, including restaurants, lounges, offices, retail, and much more, to feel like they could combat germs in a safe, effective way with our products.  

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We want you to learn more about how businesses can flourish again with our partitions. Check out our Ultimate Guide To Our Custom Plexiglass Partitions E-Book!

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