Reopening with Custom Plexiglass Partitions

custom plexiglass partitions

Reopening your business might seem difficult at first, especially with all these strict guidelines, rules and regulations. But Connect Partitions want to be a part of the big next move for your company or business. We make reopening easy, efficient, and effective with custom plexiglass partitions. 

Ordering & Delivery Of Our Custom Plexiglass Partitions

When it comes to ordering your new partitions for your business, it might be overwhelming with all the options we offer. Connect Partitions understands the current theme you might have going on in your business. This is why we try to make our designs sleek and elegant for you, your employees and staff, and clientele. We also strive to create our partitions with a lightweight material that makes ordering and delivering our partition easy.

Depending on the size of your company or business, multiple partitions might be needed. That’s why we offer wholesale and bulk pricing, too! In addition to that perk, we also offer free delivery.  This will take your mind off another expense you might not plan for your business going into the future. 

Custom Floor Plans When Ordering

Sometimes it can be hard to determine how many of our plexiglass partitions you might need for your business or company.  If your layout is on the smaller side, or perhaps even on the larger side where measuring a space can be difficult or stressful, Connect Partitions can help!  Connect Partitions offers a floor plan design service for partition and social distancing. You can greatly benefit from this service, as we figure out the best floor plan to maximize your tables and chair count, desks or office space, while making sure your footpaths and walkways stay clear and organized for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. 

Since our business partitions are made from a thin, yet high grade and durable, plexiglass material, we are able to maximize your space, including desk or table and chair count, while adhering to social distancing guidelines and regulations. Check out our blog post, Floor Plan Design Services For Your Soon-To-Be Partitioned Restaurant, if you want to learn even more about our detailed floor plan and design service.

Keep Everyone Safe & Healthy With Custom Plexiglass Partitions

Our main priority with our business partitions is to ensure everyone’s safety and health while working. Since our business partitions are a clear material similar to plastic, they’re easy to clean. You can easily see where any spots may be on them. This can leave you and your employees at ease, knowing that they are in a clean place with high quality partitions. 

Connect Partitions also coats all our partitions in an AR MR coating. AR coating is an antireflection coating, while MR coating is a flash mirror coating. Both these coats improve durability against sun damage and prevent scratching as a result of cleaning and sanitizing.  Our business partitions are great for businesses because of their superior strength and environmentally resistant surface. This makes working easy to adapt to while regaining the same work ethic as before. 

The metal frame that’s standard on all our business partitions is powder coated steel, which will not rust. It’s also very easy to clean with any type of soft or harsh cleaning products or disinfectant.

Learn More

Learn everything there is to know about our custom partitions in our e-Book, The Ultimate Guide To Our Custom Plexiglass Partitions for Businesses.

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