Restaurant Partitions – More Than A Protective Shield

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Restaurant partitions are more than just a sneeze guard or protective shield. Connect Partitions went to great lengths to ensure our products were the best investment for restaurants during the pandemic. 

1.) Our Restaurant Partitions Add An Element of Design

Our restaurant partitions are highly customizable. Patterns, logos, and even brand names can be custom etched onto all of our restaurant partitions. 

Connect Partitions offers many different types of themes for your restaurant’s partitions. You can maintain social distancing in an efficient, yet effective way, while also allowing your customers and staff some peace of mind with a design-forward, sophisticated look. 

You can choose from a variety of different patterns to fit your restaurant’s aesthetics, but if that’s not enough, branding is also available. Add a logo or brand name to give our restaurant partitions the look that they are meant to have in a newly partitioned business.

The multiple ways you can customize our partitions allows you to achieve effectiveness and awareness of social distancing while also bringing on a look that’s less obtrusive and more inviting, especially for the dining industry.

2.) Thin & Lightweight, Yet Highly Durable 

Our restaurant partitions are more than the thick, 3M plexiglass shields you might find at a gas station. Our products are thin and lightweight, yet highly durable to withstand any restaurant environment. 

We’ve partnered with chains across the nation, including family style restaurants, to small cafes and family owned restaurants. No matter the environment our partitions are in, they will last far past the pandemic. 

Connect Partitions uses a high grade commercial material that makes sanitizing quick and simple for staff. Our products are also coated with an AR MR coating, which improves durability against sun damage and prevents scratching as a result of cleaning and sanitizing. Harsh cleaning supplies, such as bleach, are probably in daily use at restaurants. AR coating is an antireflection coating, while MR coating is a flash mirror coating. Both of these can help the restaurant industry because of their superior strength and environmentally resistant surface. 

This is just another reason why the reopening of restaurants across the United States will be a breeze – our partitions are everything and anything the dining industry needs to keep their customers safe and happy, while taking the extra precautions they need to reopen. 

3.) Our Restaurant Partitions Follow Protocol 

In most states, there are certain standards that restaurants need to follow in order to reopen their business. In Massachusetts, where Connect Partitions specializes, restaurants must allow at least six feet between tables, unless there is a non-porous barrier or plexiglass partitions between parties. At that point, social distancing can be “replaced,” in a sense, with our restaurant partitions. 

Our restaurant partitions also allow restaurants to maximize their indoor and outdoor seating arrangements.  Social distancing can be cut back with our products.  This allows more table space for customers. 

This is exactly the type of product we push restaurants to invest in.  We make our partitions to last far past the pandemic and its aftermath.  You can utilize them for a level of privacy even pure decoration. This is why we love helping restaurants!

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Want to Learn More?

Connect Partitions wants you to know all there is about restaurant partitions. Read more about the Massachusetts Restaurant Guide for Partitions.

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