What Plexiglass Partitions Can Do For Your Arena or Stadium

plexiglass partitions for arenas and stadiums

As spring approaches, football seasons stay behind us. What other sports are out there that can benefit from our plexiglass partitions? Basketball and baseball stadiums are two of the top places where barriers will be needed to keep fans and staff safe.  

Keep Fans Safe with Plexiglass Partitions

Indoor and outdoor capacities have been cut in half in most states around the nation.  In Massachusetts, stadiums and arenas are allowing less than half the normal capacity! Can you imagine what this is doing to these businesses? With our plexiglass partitions, you will be able to keep fans safe in these vulnerable environments.  

Our plexiglass partitions for stadiums can be arranged in any manner. Imagine fans cheering on the side of the court or walking around to grab a snack, drink, or gift. Our plexiglass partitions can be installed at the front desk or reception area. But they can also be used in gift shops, restaurants, cafes, and bars. When you’re keeping your fans safe, you’re also keeping your staff protected.

Show Off Team Spirit

One thing that people around the nation are trying to forget is the coronavirus. Don’t remind your fans of it at your stadium or arena. How is that possible with plexiglass partitions? Our whole line of products is customizable. You will be able to add brand names, logos, and even patterns on our products. This disguises the real reason behind partitions. When they blend into your stadium or arena’s atmosphere, you can protect your fans and keep them happy at the same time. 

Ultra Durable

Our partitions for arenas and stadiums are some of the most durable partitions on the market. We craft all our products in high-grade plexiglass for the protective shield. We also use powder-coated steel on the frame, which comes standard by the way. To add to the durability, we offer wheels on all our partitions to make them even easier to install. They come with magnets and brackets so you can easily extend your partitions walls to one another or attach them to a wall if needed. 

We want to make sure your fans stay safe. And our line of ultra-durable plexiglass partitions can give you just that. It’s your time to partner with a company that cares about your stadium or arena’s safety as much as you do!

football stadium partitions

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