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custom plexiglass partitions

Reopening your business or company can be made easy with our custom plexiglass partitions. We are located nationally, but headquartered in New England. Don’t let that stop you from ordering from a company or business in California to Texas to the Carolinas, though. Our average shipping speed takes about 1-2 weeks.  So don’t worry about waiting months on end from other room divider sites. 

Located Across The United States

Connect Partitions is available from coast to coast. You can order our restaurant partitions and get delivery services from anywhere in the United States. Whether you own a large business in Colorado or a small computer cafe on the east coast, Connect Partitions has you covered. With lead time at approximately two weeks, you can start planning for how you want your space set up almost immediately after ordering our business partitions. We also make it easy, if you aren’t sure how to set up your business with our partitions or how many you might just need.

Custom Floor Plans & Design Services for Custom Plexiglass Partitions

Sometimes it can be hard to determine how many of our plexiglass partitions you might need.  If your layout is difficult or stressful to measure, Connect Partitions can be right by your side for the process.  Connect Partitions offers a floor plan and design service for partitions and social distancing. Your business can greatly benefit from this service.  We will figure out the best floor plan to maximize your table, desk, and chair count. While making sure your walkways and isles stay clear and organized for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. 


Between our fast shipping, bulk order options, and custom floor plan and design service, your soon to be partitioned business space is sure to adhere to any strict guidelines or regulations your city or state might require. Reopen without any doubt or worry when you partner with Connect Partitions We are a company that keeps you divided, yet connected with our products.

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Learn everything there is to know about our custom partitions in our e-Book, The Ultimate Guide To Our Custom Plexiglass Partitions for Businesses.

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