Stadium Partitions – Kick Off The NFL Season Right

Stadium partitions

Football season has made a kick off! Like most of us, Connect Partitions loves football. We make it enjoyable for the stadiums that are allowing fans for live game viewing. We know that most stadiums around the nation aren’t allowing fans for live games, but the ones that are can greatly benefit from our stadium partitions.

Follow Safety Protocol with Stadium Partitions

Stadiums are going to great lengths to allow even a fraction of their fans to return for games. Although most states aren’t allowing stadiums to reopen to the public, there are quite a few who could benefit from our stadium partitions. We have recently partnered with the Miami Dolphins to keep their fans and staff safe during games. Our stadium partitions are placed throughout the Hard Rock Stadium in order to meet safety measures in the state of Florida. Connect Partitions understands that fans are hungry for football. That’s why more and more stadiums are partnering with us. We want to be able to build your fan base again. This time, in a safe manner, with our stadium partitions.

Hard Rock Stadium - Stadium Partitions

Partitions in place at Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL

Highly Durable

Safety protocol is an extreme measure the nation is taking to assure the safety of everyone in public situations. Our partitions can help combat the spread of germs in large outdoor and indoor environments. With stadiums of all shapes and sizes, Connect Partitions constructs its stadium partitions from the highest quality materials. 

Our partitions are a lightweight, transparent material – commercial grade plexiglass. They all come standard with a steel frame, making them able to withstand the rowdiest of crowds, although actual attendance will be significantly reduced in order to meet state or city guidelines. 

Easy to Move Around & Lightweight

Don’t let the durable materials we use for our stadium partitions fool you. They are lightweight and highly mobile.  Our partitions can be easily placed between and even around an endless amount of surfaces. We want to assure fans that there are no limitations when it comes to our stadium partitions. 

Our partitions are lightweight, easy to use and move around a tight or spacious area. You can easily connect them with another to extend your partitioned area. This is how we make social distancing easy for the largest of crowds a Dolphins game or other team can expect.  Give friends and family peace of mind, while also adhering to the stadium’s rules and regulations.

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